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New Catholic Film Calls for Protests Against Catholic Bishops that Do Not Denounce Joe Biden by Name

Randall Terry
Oct. 19, 2020

WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2020 /Standard Newswire/ -- A hew Catholic film, The Silence that Kills, features pro-life leaders and calls for for protests against Catholic Bishops that do not denounce Joe Biden by name. The Silence that Kills was written and directed by Randall Terry.

The Silence that Kills features the legendary Joan Andrews Bell, Joseph Schiedler, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Monica Migliorino Miller, Missy Smith, Gary Boisclair, acclaimed Catholic Musician David Vogel, Mark Harrington, Eric Schiedler and others. Video clips of Fr. James Altman are also included in this video. Moreover, there are several scenes using actors who are ignoring and abandoning Jesus and babies.

View film online at:

The Silence that Kills was filmed in several states, in front of multiple Cathoilic Cathedrals.

The film has two main themes:

  1. Passionately rebuking bishops who have failed in their duty to denounce Joe Biden and the Democrat Party Platform for their support of abortion on demand, and their commitment to use taxpayer money to do it; and

  2. Urging Christians to protest Catholic Bishops and other clergy at their churches and their homes, calling on said clergy to repent of their silence regarding child killing and the Biden agenda.

Points of interest in the film:

    1:35 Missy Smith rebuking D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C.

    2:30 Cardinal Tobin/Joan Andrews Bell. Cardinal Tobin endorses Biden, and is then condemned for supporting murder by Joan Andrews Bell.

    3:40 Drama: Bishop demands Jesus leave his house, and then discusses why with the media.

    5:25 Joseph Schiedler pleads with Bishops

    6:50 Monica Migliorino Miller Phd explains that Bishops have a moral obligation to denounce Biden

    7:15 Clip from Father James Altman

    7:45 David Vogel (Highly acclaimed Catholic recording star) gives impassioned rebuke to Bishops; includes "Bloodied Jesus" walking up Cathedral steps, only to be shunned by the bishop

    13:50 - 17:30 Joan Andrews Bell and Father Imbarrato call on faithful Catholic to protest against and confront bishops who fail in their duty. This section includes footage of Gary Boislair preaching to multiple bishops, and pro-lifers confronting Joe Biden's bishop at his home in Delaware

    21:28 - One minute of pro-lifers calling on bishops to tell the truth, taunting them: "What are you so afraid of?"

The entire film, including credits, is 23 1/2 minutes long, and is highly produced.

Permission is granted to use parts or all of this presentation in any format. Permission granted to cut out clips for use in other venues or videos.

To schedule an interview with Randall Terry or any of the main actors, email or call 904-826-9989.

SOURCE Randall Terry

CONTACT: Mary Veritas, 904-826-9989,

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