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Jakarta Flood Disaster Relief - Progress Report

Contact: Susan, Development & Communication Manager, HOPE Worldwide Indonesia, 62-21-600-9091,


JAKARTA, Mar. 7 /Standard Newswire/ -- In early February, floods triggered by seasonal rain and environment destruction has affected 80 districts in Jakarta and surrounding areas. More than 70,000 houses were flooded. 68 people reported died from the disaster. 200,000 persons were displaced, but most has returned to their homes, except 5,729 are still displaced as reported by UN -OCHA. 1,066 patients has been treated by hospitals due to diarrhea while 329 due to dengue fever.


HOPE worldwide Indonesia continues to provide humanitarian assistants for the unfortunate victims. Over 5 metric ton (11,000 lbs) of food, water, medicines, clean up kits has been distributed to benefit 10,000 persons. Additional humanitarian aid of 5metric ton has arrived in Jakarta, ready for distribution and services to assist the victims.


A gentleman rushed into our clinic where doctor Ita is seeing many patients. After explaining how he could not carry his father is dying on his bed to the clinic, the man cried begging for the doctor to come visit his father. Doctor Ita and team rushed to the man's little cardboard hut after the clinic session to check on the father. Medicines were provided directly to the man suffering from tuberculosis and lung infection. Additional food was distributed on the next day to help the patient. The father is recovering well and is able to stand up and walking now. After the next few months of tuberculosis treatment, he should be well changed from a man preparing for death to a man with hope to live.


This disaster relief efforts has been supported by many generous partners such as McDonald's, Heart to Heart International, HOPE worldwide Singapore, IOM and many dedicated volunteers which many themselves are victim of the flood.


After three weeks of assistance, HOPE worldwide's Jakarta Flood Relief Plan for the next few months will be focused in:


  1. Continue providing health services to those affected by flood for the next few months through our 3 clinics & mobile clinics.


  1. Distribute 1,000 family clothing & mattress & 200 clean up kits (shuffle, etc) donated by IOM.


  1. Distribute water & disinfectant for housecleaning.


  1. Distribute 5 metric ton of food, water, and medicines (valued roughly $1.2 million) donated by HOPE worldwide Singapore & Heart to Heart International.


  1. Implement education support program for 400 victims of flood through school supplies, street children education, & computer education - sponsored by Target.


The Flood Relief Plan's total budget is estimated to be $239,556 to benefit over 55,000 persons. So far, only 10% has been committed by several donors, while the others are still waiting for funding. These people are waiting for caring individuals and organizations to bring hope for their families. Many are still at risk of getting infected by many diseases in this unclean environment.