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DWUKROPEK Secures Polish Rights to 'Britfield' Novels

Devonfield Publishing
Feb. 15, 2022

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., Feb. 15, 2022 /Standard Newswire/ -- Devonfield Publishing is excited to announce the Foreign Rights sale of Britfield & the Lost Crown and Britfield & the Rise of the Lion to DWUKROPEK, a prominent Polish publisher specializing in adventure novels and captivating stories for children and young adults. Embodying the themes of family, friendship, and freedom, the Britfield series is a perfect fit for Poland's 37 million readers and worldwide Polish audience.
This foreign rights sale facilitates Eastern European partnerships, where the Britfield series will eventually be published in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia, with a reading audience of almost 300 million. Other countries to follow are Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This complements the Britfield Global Book Tour, a combination of virtual and in-person school presentations that promote creativity and literacy. Starting in Great Britain (April/May 2022), the tour will continue to Eastern Europe (Fall 2022), Europe (Spring 2023), Asia (Fall 2023), and South America (Spring 2024), building the global distribution of the Britfield series.

Britfield & the Lost Crown (August 2019), Britfield & the Rise of the Lion (July 2021), and Britfield & the Return of the Prince (June 2022) will be featured at the London Book Fair (April 5-7) and Frankfurt Book Fair (October 19-23), the world's largest young adult trade fair for publishers. One of the most awarded books in fiction, the Britfield series is transforming literature, education, and literacy while bringing encouragement to children and families worldwide. A timeless classic, the 7-books (England, France, Italy, Russia, Asia, South American, United States) will be followed by 7 extraordinary movies.
With the first of seven Britfield movies in development, the theatrical play (Fall 2022), and the
Global Book Tour (2022-24), it is estimated that Britfield will eventually surpass the Harry
series in sales and worldwide impact. The first live-action Britfield movie is projected to become one of the highest grossing films in cinematic history, rivaling the original Star Wars (1977) and ET (1982). Britfield & the Return of the Prince launches June 2022.

Britfield is this Generation's Book Series

SOURCE Devonfield Publishing

CONTACT: Lauren Hunter, Director of Media,

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