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CMA Physicians: Marriage Mandate Requires Congress to Pass Legislation Protecting Conscientious Dissenters
Contact: Margie Shealy, Christian Medical Association, 423-341-4254,
WASHINGTON, June 26, 2015 /Standard Newswire/ -- The Christian Medical Association, the nation's largest association of faith-based doctors, today warned that the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage mandate requires the urgent passage of new legal protections for conscientious dissenters, including physicians.

CMA CEO Dr. David Stevens noted, "The Court in effect decided that sexual preference trumps the democratic process and the moral convictions expressed by millions of American voters. That spells trouble for anyone who disagrees with the government's new ideology.

Dr. Stevens observed, "Regardless of what the Court may say about rights of dissent for religious institutions, many advocates for same-sex marriage--including the Obama administration--have shown little tolerance for dissent and no room for freedom of conscience.

"After the Court did the same thing in 1973 by mandating abortion on demand, Congress realized that the ruling could be used to drive conscientious dissenters—most prominently, doctors who still held to the life-affirming principles of the Hippocratic oath--out of the marketplace. Congress passed a series of laws designed to protect both constitutional freedoms and patient access to healthcare."

"This administration and others may well use the Court's ruling as an occasion to ramp up its drive to enforce ideological conformity, as it is requiring already in federal grants programs. Discrimination against dissenters could easily include physicians who, on the basis of professional expertise or ethical convictions, counsel their patients to save sex for natural marriage, or teach about the health risks of same-sex activity, or decline to recommend a same-sex couple for adopting children.

"Congress once again needs to protect our First Amendment freedoms of thought and belief, by quickly passing legislation to protect conscientious dissenters from discrimination regarding marriage. We urgently need to pass the federal First Amendment Defense Act."