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Liberals Are the True Racists
Contact: E.W. Jackson Sr., President of STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny); Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, 757-410-7740,

OPINION, July 21 / Standard Newswire/ -- E.W. Jackson Sr. submits the following and is available for comment:

Columnist Maureen Dowd attacked George Bush for appointing white men to the Supreme Court, calling it a "disgrace." Barbara Boxer trotted out the NAACP to oppose the National Black Chamber of Commerce opposition to Cap & Trade. Something very insidious is behind these liberal racial jabs, and it is more than resentment of supposed white male privilege or seeking justice for minorities.

Liberals are not against white men and they are not for minority people. They are for liberals and against non-liberals. If Barack Obama had nominated a liberal white male for the Supreme Court, the left would have been silent. Their real motives lie neither in attacking whites, nor supporting minorities. The objective is control and power over people.

Paternalism is essential to liberalism. On some level they have the need and feel they have a right to control how people behave and think, especially members of the victim groups they champion. Like parents, they feel betrayed when their children fail to embrace their values, and it sends them into paroxysms of rage. That is why they hate Sarah Palin. She is a daughter who dared rebel against pro-abortion feminism. She has blasphemed their goddess, and this calls for her symbolic "honor killing." That is why Barbara Boxer brought up the NAACP with Black Chamber President Harry Alford. It was her way of saying, "The rest of my black children think like me. What happened to you?"

The liberal attitude toward racial minorities is cloaked in compassion, but it is the intellectual equivalent of a master to slave relationship. Subconsciously, they believe they own the souls of black folk, bought and paid for by their civil rights credentials. As a result, they only like the "good" blacks who stay in their place. Those who dare escape the left-wing plantation find themselves the target of a "high tech lynching" reserved for minorities who get "uppity." Ask Justice Clarence Thomas.

When any black person makes progress, they must remember they owe it to their liberal benefactors. When liberals defend affirmative action, they do so in the paternalistic belief that blacks cannot compete on the same level with whites. As intellectual superiors, it is their duty to take care of them. They glibly advocate lowering test standards and giving government set asides and handouts. Woe to the "racist" who questions the fairness or effectiveness of such policies.

They resent the very suggestion that any minority can succeed without liberal promotion and protection. Through liberal government largess they have clothed, fed and housed poor minority victims. They are personally insulted to think that any would want to escape. Blacks have the most exalted position in the liberal hierarchy of adopted groups. Any black person who disregards such beneficence must be punished to be taught a lesson and to keep others in line. Judges Janet Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada were denied confirmation of their judicial appointments because they went off the ideological plantation. It is ugly, but it is liberal realpolitik.

The messianic hysteria over Obama is an extension of this mindset. Leftists have one of their own as President of the United States, and he is black. He is the product of a long history of training and strategizing to take full control. He is the poster boy for liberal doctrine. They can declare any attack on him racism. He's perfect. They will continue to love him, as long as he stays in his place on abortion, gay rights, global warming and other liberal marching orders. However, were he ever to flee the plantation, the liberal infatuation with his being the first black president would be replaced by a hateful determination to destroy him.

Maureen Dowd, Barbara Boxer and their liberal friends do not hate white guys, and they do not love blacks and other minorities. They love liberalism and the governmental power it gives them. They have a unique antipathy for any minority who fails to adhere to accepted liberal doctrine. Their disdain for nonconforming minorities may be more virulent than their distaste for conservative white men because minorities, as they see it, owe them. How dare they think for themselves? Therefore, left-wing zealots will seek to destroy any prominent Hispanic, black, white or woman who refuses to bow to liberal orthodoxy.

It is time for minorities in America to stand up like Harry Alford and say, "We take offense at the idea that we must think like liberals say minorities are supposed to think. We will think for ourselves as individual Americans, not as members of a designated victim group. We will not stay in our place."