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A Guide to Universal Truths

Planet Earth: How Did We Get Here? What's Our Purpose? Where Are We Going? -- New Book by Robert Thomas Fertig

Contact: Robert Thomas Fertig, 727-510-6664


MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 23 /Standard Newswire/ -- Review by New York Times best selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh: "What is the ultimate truth about life? For centuries, learned minds have struggled to seek the answer. Now, in the groundbreaking and thought-provoking book A Guide to Universal Truths, explores powerful evidence ... that we were created by an infinitely superior and perfect being who gave us free will so that we might evolve. Fertig's book just might have touched on the ultimate answers to the purpose and meaning of life on earth. ...Boldly stated and beautifully written A Guide to Universal Truths is clearly a roadmap to our higher purpose."

Negative sensational news sells in our secular, materialistic world. Positive news does not sell. It is the "nature of the beast!" As we begin the next Presidential campaign, America has become a nation of two extremes: far left "secular-progressives," like CNN, CBS, and, far right "conservatives," such as Fox News and the O'Reilly Factor. They purport to be "the" authority on what the news really means, which is one of the root causes of polarization within our society. They clash with each other, while we just want the truth. Whom will you trust for accurate news about your world in 2007/2008?

The author's extensive research of the Sciences, Christianity, and Worldviews, offers the reader a broad spectrum on the some of the greatest words of wisdom. Fertig guides readers through the maze of new scientific facts and theories, and philosophical ideas that led us where we are today: on the brink of another World War! "Christianity will (again) be threatened because of the devastation of the basic family unit; atheistic humanism; Islamic extremists; and from within the Church itself..."


Fertig offers multiple viewpoints from over seventy ancient wise men and contemporary scholars, and doesn't shy away from controversy. Instead, he encourages honest seekers of truth to "use their God-given intelligence" to debate and explore topics and questions that trouble them in this bewildering and chaotic century.

A Guide to Universal Truth is the book for anyone who desires a better understanding of worldviews, harmony, and wishes to find real truth and love.

Book orders can be placed via Book royalties go into a trust for Christian education of our youth.