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Truth and Liberty Coalition Announces Decision to Join Jewish Lives Matter Coalition
Truth and Liberty Coalition
May 1, 2024

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., May 1, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- The Truth and Liberty Coalition announced its membership in the newly formed pro-Israel group, the Jewish Lives Matter Coalition.

At the core of Jewish Lives Matter lies a mission to propagate a message of love and steadfast support for Israel. Founded by Janet Porter and Faith2Action Ministries, the coalition strategically flies banners adorned with "God Bless Israel" and "Jewish Lives Matter" behind airplanes flying over college campuses amidst pro-Hamas demonstrations.

"Commencing with a simple banner stating, 'God Bless Israel,' flown over Columbia University on April 26, the movement is swiftly gaining momentum," said Richard Harris, Executive Director of Truth & Liberty Coalition.

On April 30, a banner bearing the message "JewishLivesMatter.US" was flown over the campus of UCLA, marking the inauguration of the pro-Israel coalition's new website, while anti-Israel protestors block Jewish students from getting to class.
After UCLA, the banner will fly over Hollywood, declaring its message of solidarity for the Jewish homeland, according to JewishLivesMatters officials.

In the savage attack of October 7, Hamas brutally murdered over a thousand innocent Israeli civilians, raped and abused countless women and children and took hundreds of Israeli's captive.

"Truth and Liberty Coalition vehemently denounces the escalating wave of antisemitism on college campuses and calls on all Americans to stand with Israel," said Harris.

"We express gratitude for the opportunity to stand alongside Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East," Harris said. "It serves as a bastion for freedom and the rule of law in a region long plagued by the scourge of radical Islamic jihadi violence." Harris also underscored Israel's "inherent right to self-defense, particularly in light of the brutal assault by Hamas on October 7."

Harris also reacted to the "violent protests by Soros-funded students who have aligned themselves with Hamas terrorists." "These students are brainwashed with Islamic jihadi propaganda. Arabs and Jews alike enjoy civil rights and freedom in Israel. In contrast, the terrorist organization Hamas, which rules Gaza, is expressly dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish nation and couldn't care less about the rights or well-being of Gazans living under its' mafia-like domination. It is imperative that we all steadfastly oppose such despicable acts and declare unwavering solidarity with Israel."

Janet Porter of Jewish Lives Matter, reiterated, "Today's banner exposes the hypocrisy of a racist movement on campuses that pretends to be against genocide while at the same time calling for it against Jewish people. Standing with terrorists on campus may be well-funded, but it will not be tolerated by a civilized society," Porter said.

"As the Jewish Lives Matter movement continues to gain momentum, Truth and Liberty Coalition remains resolute in its support for Israel, echoing the resounding message that Jewish lives indeed matter," Harris said.

Susan Michael, the USA Director of Christian Embassy Jerusalem, was interviewed by Richard Harris on The Truth and Liberty Live Call-In Show on April 29. She explained the long, shameful history of persecution against the Jewish people and their special place in God's plan for the world. She also refutes the claims that Israel is an apartheid state. Link to the episode.

Truth & Liberty Coalition, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit based in Woodland Park, Colorado. Established by Andrew Wommack and other Christian leaders, the goal is to educate, unify and mobilize Christians and conservatives to become involved in their community and government affairs.

SOURCE:  Truth & Liberty Coalition

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