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Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life

Making Your Dreams Come True
New Book By – E.W. Jackson Sr.

Minister/Author Denounces Obama-Messiah Hysteria - New Book Says Spiritual Principles are the Key to a Better Life - Calls Americans to Fast 40 Days Leading up to Elections

Contact: Bishop Jackson, 757-410-7740, 757-546-7587,; Admin. Asst., Natalie Brown, 757-214-9053, both with Exodus Faith Ministries  

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 16 /Standard Newswire/ -- Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., has been urging voters, especially Christians - black and white - not to be swept up in the hysteria of the Obama candidacy, but to evaluate any candidate in light of critical spiritual principles. He has now written a book which calls Americans back to the "eternal principles which bring success and true satisfaction in life."

Says Bishop Jackson, "If I vote for someone who favors abortion, favors homosexual unions and sides with Palestinian terrorists against Israel, because I think the candidate will do something for me or my racial group, have I not betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver? To avoid that temptation, I turn to God and the eternal principles set forth in my book, not to the government or any politician."

Jackson, also a graduate of Harvard Law School, is particularly disturbed by the messianic aura that seems to surround the Obama campaign. "In the past", says the Bishop, "the Messianic pretensions surrounding his campaign could be relegated to the margins, but this has changed. Democratic Activist Donna Brazile, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw and a host of others have now picked up the mantra that 'Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor'. We now have mainstream leaders openly comparing Barak Obama to Jesus Christ. This is an insult to the Christian Community. Jesus was not a 'community organizer'. He is the unique Son of the Living God. Charles Gibson suggested in his interview with Sarah Palin that it was hubris for her to say she is ready to be Vice President. But it is beyond hubris for Obama and his supporters to compare him to Jesus Christ."

The crisis America faces is not economic according to Bishop Jackson. It is spiritual. "We have lost our way," he says. He is calling the nation, especially Christians, to fast and pray for our country for 40 days from September 24th to November 2d. It is a call to return to the values our Founding Fathers bequeathed us and a prayer to ask God to help us choose the right leadership for our country.

Bishop Jackson's new book asserts that an extraordinary life is available to every person, especially in America, if we will adhere to proven principles. "Political personalities and social fads are not the answer," says Bishop Jackson. "So let us fast and pray for our country and our families."

For Press Copies or to purchase contact Natalie Brown.
For Bishop Jackson's Bio and other info go to website.