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Testimonies of a Praying Mother, By Dr. Carolyn Armbrister
Trial to Triumph
May 8, 2024

ORANGE PARK, Fla., May 8, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- Stronger Than I Thought walks you through the journey of faith that has been the life of Dr. Carolyn P. Armbrister—Evangelist, Prayer Warrior and most importantly mother of five and a descendant of Cat Island, Bahamas.

This newly published book is the definitive first volume biography that details the experiences and living testimonies of a praying mother. It is also a poignant and unapologetic view into her life's journey and her unwavering hold onto her faith—even when the deck was seemingly stacked against her! This book showcases that despite what appears to be insurmountable odds, Dr. Armbrister, through prayer and steadfastness, rose above the challenge at every turn.

In this page-turner, lucky readers will experience through her eyes, the early years of God's plan manifesting in her life, to the fulfillment of his plan for her progeny. The book will also take you through the trials, twists, turns and triumphs that have shaped this servant of God and made her an exemplary woman of substance and unshakable faith.

"Over the years, my experiences have taught me to never let your circumstances intimidate you. I do not let people dictate to me. For no man can determine my destiny, only God has the final say. He and Him alone is in control of my life, not man. To my prospective readers, I invite you to read my testimony and see how you too can hold fast to your faith and be encouraged. God will never leave or forsake you," shares Dr. Carolyn Armbrister.

Just in time for Mother's Day, Stronger than I Thought is now available for direct download on Amazon via the link: Additionally, for a limited time the book will also be available as a FREE download to allow readers an opportunity to read the book and be blessed by its words of strength and wisdom.
SOURCE Trial to Triumph

CONTACT: Eldri Ferguson-Mackey,