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Spring Bible & Archaeology Fest with Experts Offers Global Audience New Reports, New Analysis and Ancient Music Concert LIVE ONLINE

Biblical Archaeology Society
April 14, 2023

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), a popular consumer magazine, will host the second spring online edition of this signature event.

The Spring Bible and Archaeology Fest on April 22 & 23 offers live talks from 18 leading Bible scholars and archaeologists via the Zoom app. Registered, paid participants from around the world can enjoy two days of live, online learning with experts in the fields of archaeology and the Bible.

The program features a plenary session from renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Sarah Parcak, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her lecture Resilience After "Collapse": New Discoveries from El Lisht, Egypt's Renaissance Capital is about how the site represents the great changes that can occur after a time of chaos (Middle Kingdom vs Egypt's 1st Intermediate Period).

A new feature of this spring's event is a live musical performance with Q&A by Michael Levy, a UK-based composer, whose musical mission is to "continue where the ancients left off," composing new music for the recreated ancient lyre. Levy's music has been featured as part of the permanent soundscape to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

Other familiar names from Biblical Archaeology Review, plus rising stars will be presenting:

  • EREZ BEN-YOSEF, "King Solomon's Mines" Revisited
  • SHIMON GIBSON, Jerusalem in the Iron Age as Seen from the Western Hill
  • RACHEL HALLOTE, Women in the Biblical World
  • ANGELA KIM HARKINS, A Reappraisal of the Teacher of Righteousness from the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • RALPH HAWKINS, The 'Hornet' in Exodus and Joshua
  • JAMES HOFFMEIER, Who is Tirhaka and What is He Doing in Hezekiah's Judah in 701 B.C.?
  • ALICE MANDELL, The People Behind the Text: Craft Literacy in Ancient Israel and Judah
  • DAVID MCCABE, Ideal Community and Counterfeit: The Conspiracy of Ananias & Sapphira in Acts
  • CHRIS MCKINNY, A Tale of Two Swords – David's Rise and Saul's Demise
  • MEGAN NUTZMAN, Amulets and Tefillin: What is the Difference?
  • KONSTANTINOS POLITIS, Zoara and Lot's Cave from Biblical to Medieval Times
  • GARY RENDSBURG, The Jews of Arabia: From the Great Revolt until the Rise of Islam
  • KATHARINA SCHMIDT, The Archaeology of the Amman Citadel in the Iron Age
  • MICHAEL STAHL, Battle of the Gods: The Prophet Elijah and the Origins of Biblical Monotheism
  • KAREN STERN, Synagogue as Sensorium: Jews, the Senses, and Worship in Antiquity
  • JAMES R. STRANGE, Lamp Manufacturing at Shikhin, and the Experimental Lamp Kiln Built and Fired by Yeshu Dray

Registration for this virtual two-day event and limited access to any recordings is $199. (Student rate available.) The registration deadline is Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 5 pm ET. Sign up online at
SOURCE Biblical Archaeology Society

CONTACT: Peter Megginson, 202-364-3300 ext. 424,