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EU Pressures Countries to Abort Their Children

Contact: Phil Magnan, executive director of Biblical Family Advocates, +36-1-246-2587; Bert Dorenbos, Cry for Life, +31 (0) 35 624 4352


BUDAPEST, Feb 20 /Standard Newswire/ It was last year, on December 7th 2006, that members of an international pro life group, United for Life, were invited to the EU Commission building in Brussels to be informed regarding youth, family and pro life issues. The activities were coordinated by Schreeeuw om Leven, (Cry for Life), a pro life advocacy group based in the Netherlands.


These pro life advocates from 7 different countries were able to ask many questions of EU representative, Mr. Ralf von Ameln, Directorate-General for Education and Culture.

One question asked by Phil Magnan, Executive Director of Biblical Family Advocates, was "If a country like Poland has laws that forbid same sex marriage and abortion, will the EU force them to change their laws?" To which the EU representative said that the EU does not have the "ability to do that" and would not.


Another pro life advocate, Cynthia Collins of Operation Outcry, an organization that works internationally to help women with past abortion issues, asked the EU representative a question along the same lines as Mr. Magnan. "Would the EU ever override the laws banning abortion of its member nations just as the United States Supreme Court did when it overrode the laws of all 50 states in the ruling of Roe v Wade and made abortion legal?" To which Mr. Ralf von Ameln answered ""That will never happen."


Biblical Family Advocates has since learned over the past weeks that the EU is indeed putting pressure on countries to abandon their pro life laws. In an article, EU Threatens to Withdraw Aid to Nicaragua if Pro-Life Law Remains, the EU is indeed putting pressure on a country that is not even in the EU, but receives aid from it.


"Does this not reveal an intense pro abortion agenda by the EU when they even put pressure on countries that are not part of the EU?" So asks Phil Magnan of Biblical Family Advocates.


"I was also amazed recently that the country of Malta, an EU member country, was feeling pressure from the EU and the UN to abandon their pro life laws. What kind of people want to go after the unborn children of another country to have them dismembered?"


This is nothing new, as there was a pro abortion push by the EU even in 2002, when a resolution to support abortion was made. One might wonder if that resolution was meant to create the proper future environment to force member states to abandon their pro life laws that are meant to protect their children from harm.


Even more amazing were the statements of EU Commissioner Gunther Verheugen, in an article dated, October of 2002, EU COMMISSIONER PROMISES MALTA EU WON'T PUSH ABORTION EVER, which stated that "The EU, he pointed out, had no jurisdiction over abortion or similar issues and this position was "definite, absolute and forever". He also "assured Malta's Archbishop Joseph Mercieca …. that the European Union would never take jurisdiction over abortion. The Times of Malta reports that Verheugen stressed that the EU would never tell Malta or any other member state to legislate in favour of abortion." But Magnan had this to say, "In the light of past actions can the EU be trusted? How can anyone trust the statements of these representatives when they work so hard to overthrow the established pro life laws of countries while telling pro life advocates with a straight face that they have not intention of doing so?"


Biblical Family Advocates, Schreeuw om Leven, Operation Outcry and the many other pro family organizations that were represented at the December 7th meeting last year are deeply concerned and would like an explanation from the EU regarding its recent actions. Their actions clearly show that they are indeed forcing countries around the world to comply with a very radical pro abortion agenda.