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Dark Horse for US President: David Stuckenberg

David Stuckenberg launches Dark Horse campaign for Presidency of the United States in Plymouth, MA on Wednesday, November 8

Stuckenberg, entrepreneur and decorated Air Force Pilot, is poised to remedy America's national security failures, inflation and economic destruction; and open borders

Hamilton Strategies LLC
Nov. 8, 2023

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 8, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- David Stuckenberg, a Major in the US Air Force-Air National Guard, is entering the Republican race for the Presidency of the United States. Stuckenberg, a business executive and military strategist, entrepreneur, inventor, decorated veteran Air Force pilot who has flown more than 150 combat missions and founder of Genesis Systems, an innovative company helping solve global water scarcity, is announcing the launch of his campaign this Wednesday, November 8, 2023, in Plymouth, MA.

David Stuckenberg, who believes "we the people" alone must choose the next president of the United States, is announcing his run for the presidency at the site where the first political refugees landed in America to seek a safe haven from tyranny and persecution: Plymouth, Massachusetts. He is listed on the primary ballot in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Missouri, and has plans to expand participation in remaining caucuses and primaries. Campaign offices are standing up across key states including Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa and others with an overwhelming response by voters hungry for a new candidate.

NATO called David Stuckenberg, who holds a Ph.D. in international affairs at King's College London, a "Young Disruptor." He has been called "the George Kennan of this century" [who developed the Cold-War era U.S. strategy] by senior military leaders and "a National Treasure" by the former Director of Central Intelligence, Ambassador R. James Woolsey. Brig Gen (Ret) Kenneth Chrosniak, US Army (Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Northern Command, Army War College) says of David Stuckenberg, "After working with David for over a decade concerning national security issues to protect our Homeland, it is evident he has the capability and tenacity to unite all Americans once again in strong support of the Constitution and American values during these tumultuous times."

Stuckenberg's company, Genesis Systems provides advanced technologies for generating utility-scale drinking water out of air. "Water is the economic potential energy of a nation, and when that water runs out, all economic activity and all life and commerce stops," he says. "We're developing life support systems because we're going to get to the point where life on earth in terms of terrestrial water, is not accessible for most."

David Stuckenberg believes Americans have had enough talking about problems — it's time to fix them. His leadership experience in nuclear weapons treaties, national critical infrastructure, and high-tech startups and large companies shows he is a true problem solver. The programs he founded are national exemplars for security and strategy to help protect major metropolitan areas and critical infrastructure. Stuckenberg's strategy work has allowed him to "see over the next hill;" to understand America's enemies who are infiltrating the United States and planning its demise. These enemies have been aided by our current policies and politically motivated actions that have led to national security disasters like America's exit from Afghanistan, open borders between the United States and Mexico and Canada; and rampant inflation "destroying the purchasing power" of American families and small businesses. David Stuckenberg says, "recycled talking points and empty promises are not a strategy for America's recovery. If we continue to elect politicos, we're going to get the same outcomes. We must have leaders and doers."

David Stuckenberg has prioritized these key issues and others as the focus of his turn-around agenda:

  • Reform our national security: The United States must present a powerful and cohesive national security strategy. Power is the language of international affairs. We must have substance behind what we say. Our power must be unrivaled. We must prevent our adversaries from overtaking us militarily.
  • Reform our economy: The economy is the basis for our national security. It is the engine that allows Americans to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It must be protected and cultivated in a way that allows the market to drive expansion and growth. We must drastically cut taxes and regulations in the first 30 days.
  • Stop illegal immigration: The United States must not succumb to the failed idea of multiculturalism which has badly damaged Europe's economy and the internal stability of multiple nations. This issue must be SOLVED not edited. We will close the borders using our military, we will know who is in America, we will decide who needs to stay based on merit and circumstances. We will seal our borders within 72 hours of my taking office.

Stuckenberg says he feels compelled to run for office and leverage the insider knowledge and experience from almost 21 years working as an USAF Special Operations pilot, Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow, at the Pentagon, U.S. State Department, and as Chairman of the American Leadership & Policy Foundation. As a business leader working to solve the world's grand challenges such as food and water scarcity.

"Things are bad and getting worse or I wouldn't do this. Our course correction window is small" says David Stuckenberg. "I too feel the pain of skyrocketing food prices, high gasoline prices, and the loss of security because of our borders. I'm just like everyone else — I'm one of us — one of We the People. I'm forming a turn-around team for America. A team of Jedi Knights to bring Avengers-level talent to solve hard problems. Snake oil salesmen are running our country, but I have the experience to bring genuine results."

David Stuckenberg is an executive and military strategist, entrepreneur, inventor, decorated veteran Air Force pilot, founder of Genesis Systems, an innovative company helping solve global water scarcity. He holds a Ph.D. in international affairs at King's College London. He and his wife, Shannon, and their five children, reside in Tampa, FL.

Learn more about David Stuckenberg at

To interview Presidential Candidate David Stuckenberg, contact, Beth Bogucki, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Rich Jefferson at

SOURCE Hamilton Strategies

CONTACT:, Beth Bogucki, 610-584-1096 ext. 105; Rich Jefferson,