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Addressing Increased Drug and Alcohol Abuse Within the Church, Addiction and Recovery Expert Steven T. Ginsburg Releases Debut Book, 'Filling the Void,' to Guide Addicts--and Those Who Love Them--Through the First Steps of Recovery

An Accompanying "Filling the Void" Video Teaching Series from Ginsburg will Release Nationwide this April

"Steven lives his life at the intersection of passion and humility. His life experiences allow him to speak with empathy and compassion to those coming out of addictive lifestyles, and yet his business acumen allows him to be able to approach restoration from a practical and logical standpoint. Steven is one of the most talented men whom I have ever met, and anyone who has the privilege and honor to learn from him or even interact with him should consider themselves blessed." -- Matt Mizell, Lead Pastor, Pinon Hills Community Church

Steven Ginsburg
March 23, 2021

NASHVILLE, March 23, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Drug and alcohol addiction is not a new problem--but its numbers are rising in today's stressful times, says addiction expert Steven T. Ginsburg. Studies show that isolation, financial challenges, and dysfunctional home environments are a recipe for increased drug and alcohol usage, with stress often being the precursor to initial drug use. Especially when a person does not know Christ, they may attempt to fill the void with drugs, alcohol, or other risky behaviors. But addiction is not selective, and its grip can also be found in the homes of many Christians, says Ginsburg, a recovering addict and alcoholic.

As a champion for change and a success story for sobriety, Ginsburg coaches business leaders, educators, and families to healthier habits and rewarding results through CurePro. The company--focused on addiction prevention, intervention, and recovery retention--trains thousands every year in the early warning signs of addiction so that they can take preventive measures within their schools, businesses or homes, or conduct an intervention.

In addition, Ginsburg is the president and founder of Restore Detox, a 24-hour treatment facility in Southern California. "We've seen an alarming increase in the number of people we've treated this past year due to the added pressures of the COVID19 pandemic and the depression and despondency many individuals have felt while in isolation," he says.

Now, with his new book "Filling the Void: Your Guide to Discovery and Recovery" (Wholy-Living Publishing, 01/15/2021), Ginsburg will reach a broader audience with hope-filled, helpful resources. "Filling the Void" is the first title in an educational series that he has penned for anyone who is wanting to take the necessary first steps toward recovery. Ginsburg is also filming a video teaching series set to release April 2021 that will be introduced to churches nationwide. "I am passionate about offering hope, help, and real talk to so many who are struggling with addiction," he explains. "Even as believers, we are all as sick as our secrets. Christ came to free us from judgment, shame, and our sins. It's time to start leaning in, listening to, and providing safe spaces and solid on-ramps for people within the pews to seek help and see a life of sobriety and wholeness."

About the Author
Steven Ginsburg is the president and founder of Restore Detox Center, a 24-hour treatment facility in Poway, CA, that provides detoxification services and residential treatment for people who are seeking to restore their lives. Since his own recovery from drugs and alcohol, he founded CurePro, where he serves as a personal coach and aftercare specialist who helps addicts turn their lives around. Ginsburg also speaks regularly, sharing his story and helping educate students, parents, educators, and employers about the early signs of addiction. Ginsburg was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois, and currently resides in North County San Diego, California, with his wife, Nicole, and their two children.

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SOURCE Steven Ginsburg

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