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Chad: Alert Concerning Displaced Populations

Contact: London: Christine Kahmann, Action Against Hunger, 0044 (0)208 293 6190,; Sylvain Trottier, Action Contre la Faim, Paris, 0033(0)1 43 35 82 24,


MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 14 /Standard Newswire/ -- Since 2003, Eastern Chad has been increasingly affected by the repercussions of the Darfur crisis. Over 200,000 Sudanese refugees have fled Darfur and sought refuge in Chad. Here, insecurity generated by armed Chadian or Sudanese groups has resulted in significant population displacements. The humanitarian situation, notably in the south of the border, gives increasingly rise to concern, with over 50,000 Chadians displaced. Action Against Hunger is concerned about a possible "Darfurisation" of Eastern Chad.


In the north, Sudanese refugee populations face very precarious stability


In the northern border region, where around 200,000 Sudanese refugees from Darfur have sought refuge, humanitarian needs are barely met. However tensions are rife between refugees and the local Chadian population. In effect, the presence of refugees has increased pressure on available resources. Additional pressure derives from the presence of armed Sudanese or Chadian rebel groups - who do not hesitate to target humanitarian organisations for their logistic supplies - meaning the situation remains extremely precarious.


In the south, displaced Chadian people face an urgent situation


Further south, incursions of Janjaweed militias and attacks by rebel Chadian groups have provoked the internal displacement of over 50,000 Chadians since 2006 (that represents over 25% of the population of Dar Silla, the worst affected region). These populations generally lost all their belongings as the raids took place. Their living conditions are very worrying, all the more so since resources (water, fields etc) are shared between "displaced people" and "residents" plunging both groups into increasing precariousness.


The end of the rainy season saw a strong upsurge in insecurity, drastically reducing access to land. Only women are moving around, working on a daily basis in residents' fields. This enables them to provide just one meal a day for their family. Moreover, in the middle of the dry season, access to water is limited. Resources - surface water or superficial stretches of water - are insufficient. All these difficulties are exacerbating tensions which are already rife between ethnic groups, residents and displaced peoples.


In addition, the border region has been totally ignored for decades in terms of developmental projects and currently, certain zones are totally inaccessible due to the insecurity.


While all eyes are turned to Darfur, Action Against Hunger calls the international community to provide greater assistance to displaced Chadian populations regarding the escalating "Darfurisation" of the security and humanitarian situation in Eastern Chad.


Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organisation, working in 43 of the world's poorest countries. Its vocation is to save lives, especially those of malnourished children, and to work with vulnerable populations to preserve and restore their livelihoods with dignity.