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Heavenly Music Artist Ethereal Frequency Launches Online Concert Tour on Rumble and YouTube to Showcase Innovative, Spiritually Peaceful Experiences and Soaking Music

Heavenly Music Unlimited
Nov. 22, 2023

DALLAS, Nov. 22, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- Heavenly Music Unlimited, a musical experience distribution service, today announced that Ethereal Frequency, the creator of musical experiences to usher in the Glory from the heart of God the Father, is launching an online concert series on Rumble and YouTube for people who want peace, spiritual relaxation, and a positive musical encounter. This digital concert tour will feature musical experiences from his latest releases which are available for download and streaming at

With purely instrumental renditions that use the voice as an instrument of pouring out love, Ethereal Frequency has broken new ground in the field of soaking music for Charismatics / Pentecostals, peaceful sounds for evangelicals, restorative experiences for hurting people, uplifting music for struggling souls, calming musical effects for spas, and chill music for people seeking deep relaxation of the soul and spirit.

The days and times of the online concert tour, which Ethereal Frequency is offering free of charge to bless the world, are the following:

    Every Sunday – Rumble – 7 pm – 9 pm Central
    Every Monday – YouTube – 11 pm – 1 am Central
    Every Wednesday – Rumble – 11 am – 1 pm Central
    Every Friday – YouTube – 11 pm – 1 am Central
    Every Saturday – Rumble – 8 pm – 11 pm Central

"People are craving peace and the presence of God," said Ethereal Frequency. "Here I am to use music, not just to entertain, but to create unique experiences for people that will refresh their souls, revive their spirits, and anoint them with the oil of peaceful sounds drawn from a heavenly state and soundscape of love and rest. With all the conflicts, hatred, and misunderstandings in the world today, amid signs of 'End Times' prophecies and fulfillment of the Truth in the greatest manifestation of God's Glory in history, the musical experiences from my latest releases, in my live shows, and during my online concerts, will transform people's state of being in a consistency with Christ Jesus. It's a matter of being tuned into the right frequency with the Holy Spirit."

Ethereal Frequency is available for live, in-person concerts and events at churches, concert halls, hotels, function rooms, and other venues in 2024.

To listen to Ethereal Frequency's latest releases, go to:

To watch videos of Ethereal Frequency on YouTube, go to:

To watch videos of Ethereal Frequency on Rumble, go to:

To follow Ethereal Frequency on X (formerly Twitter), go to:

About Heaven Music Unlimited
Heavenly Music Unlimited is a musical experience distribution service that focuses on bringing godly music to diverse audiences, so people can have a positive spiritual experience of love, peace, and hope within the realm of the Spirit of God. This service was founded on the Bible verse, "Be still and know that I am God." The music of Heavenly Music artists helps people be still in their souls, allowing God to move in their hearts through the frequency of divine love. Heavenly Music Unlimited is part of FTG Communications.

SOURCE Heavenly Music Unlimited

CONTACT: Jamie Gunn,