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On Valentine's Day: Celebrating Love that Lives on in Memoir of God's Love in the Face of Heart-rending Tragedy

Contact: Joni Sullivan Baker, 513-319-3231
NASHVILLE, Feb. 14, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ -- While the public face is of romance and roses, for many Valentine's Day is something to survive as they face painful reminders of their lost loved one. Or perhaps they just feel unloved and single on a day seemingly designed for two-somes.

Author Wayne Faust has a unique take on this holiday, remembering not only the love he and his wife shared before her death from cancer, but also God's love shown to him in a miraculous way. He reminds us that whatever we face, God is with us, and God loves us more than we can imagine.

A licensed therapist, Wayne knew how to help people who grieve. But following her death, Wayne nearly lost his will to live, crying out to God for answers to her death and pain.

In his overwhelming grief, Wayne cried out, "God, I need a miracle!"

And God responded with an undeniable intervention, transcending time and space to create a set of circumstances so personalized Wayne could not explain them away and would be overwhelmed with restored hope that He is a caring God.

Wayne tells this story in his new book, 300 BILLION TO ONE! A TRUE STORY OF LOVE AND HOPE THAT DEFIES THE ODDS, now available.

"At this low ebb, God knew the best way to keep me afloat," Wayne said. "After the miraculous experiences he added still additional layers of interventions with statistically near impossible odds – more than 300 billion to one odds -- so that I was overwhelmed and could not forget, but rather would share with others so that all would know the Truth: there is a Heaven, our loved ones are waiting for our entry to celebrate our arrival and God is personally by our side until that day He calls us home."

Today, Wayne continues to serve his community and participate also in encouraging others who have experienced grief and loss.

A licensed therapist, Wayne is currently CEO of Counseling and Assessments Ministries (CAM), a nonprofit counseling ministry dedicated to serving Alzheimer's clients and providing indigent children opportunities to develop career skills.

For more information about the book and Wayne, visit his websites, including: and

300 BILLION TO ONE! A TRUE STORY OF LOVE AND HOPE THAT DEFIES THE ODDS [ISBN 978-0-692-88047-0, Carpenter's Son Publishing] just released. It is available from selected book stores and online retailers.