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CityTeam's Disaster Response Team Still Needs Volunteers on the 2nd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Contact: Carol Patterson, 408-316-6892

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss., Aug. 28 /Standard Newswire/ -- CityTeam's Disaster Response Team still needs volunteers to help rebuild lives and homes in the Gulf Coast. CityTeam is a registered 501c(3) non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization that has helped the poor and homeless for over 50 years. CityTeam's Disaster Response Team heard the call two years ago to come to the aid of Bay St. Louis, MS - providing shelter, food, water, counseling, AA meetings, case management, and rebuilding homes. CityTeam offers multiple programs that provide real hope that transforms communities around the world. We use that same experience to assist with the needs of people suffering in disaster situations.

For Two Years CityTeam Volunteers Have Lived in a Baseball Field Called; "Field of Dreams"

McDonald Baseball Field

498 Ulman Street

Bay St. Louis, MS


In the first few weeks of the disaster, Mayor Eddie Favre of Bay St. Louis gave CityTeam a baseball field to make their home base and distribution center for the community. Little did he know just how important that baseball field would become. Volunteers live in tents there. People of the community come there to discuss their rebuilding efforts and request labor, building materials or receive appliances. But also people come there to have a volunteer listen to them. Each Thursday, about 60 ladies of the community gather there to have lunch and talk about their rebuilding efforts while they do art projects. They cheer each other on as CityTeam volunteers finish rebuilding their homes. At night, AA and Al-Anon meetings gather there to talk about how hard it is to cope with living in a FEMA trailer or survive without a job and how they miss their loved ones who were killed in the storm. Recovery comes at different times for each person and some are just getting to the point where they realize they need help. It has become a place where the community can heal. One day, two years ago, a group of people came out from their trailers and painted a sign outside the baseball field – calling it their "Field of Dreams". That sign remains there today as a sign of hope.

"What makes CityTeam's Disaster Response Team unique? CityTeam specializes in long-term disaster recovery as well as immediate relief. CityTeam focuses on helping one person at a time with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We are committed to our long-term recovery plan for Bay St. Louis," said Richard Williams, VP of Disaster Response for CityTeam. "Yes, we have rebuilt 130 homes along the Gulf, but I can't count the thousands of people we have helped on a daily basis with multiple services or home repairs -- even today two years after the disaster. This couldn't have been possible without the thousands of volunteers and financial supporters that have been critical to our recovery efforts. I know that when there is another disaster that requires our specialized long-term approach – our volunteers and supporters will be by our side."

Today, we still have families living in FEMA trailers in Bay St. Louis that need our help. Even though it is two years after the disaster, we still need volunteers. So if you can swing a hammer or you can visit a home with a food box – we need you on our team. Please visit our website at or call our headquarters at 408-232-5600 or 1-888-CITYTEAM.

CityTeam Ministries Headquarters

2304 Zanker Road

San Jose, CA 95131