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Randall Terry Receives Nomination of Constitution Party for President in 2024 Election

Randall Terry for President
May 7, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 7, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- The Constitution Party, America's distinguished third party, proudly announced the nomination of Randall Terry for President and Pastor Stephan Broden for Vice-President at their nomination convention held in Salt Lake City.

Terry/Broden emerged victorious in a competitive field of 8 candidates, securing an impressive 54% of the vote, with the next closest candidate receiving 34%. This decisive win underscores the party's strong endorsement of Terry/Broden as the best choice as a candidate to represent the Party.

With ballot access already secured in 14 states and more on the horizon before September's deadlines, the Terry/Broden campaign is poised to make significant waves in the 2024 presidential election. This level of access surpasses historical campaigns like Robert F. Kennedy's, showcasing the momentum and reach of Terry/Broden's candidacy.

The Terry/Broden campaign has wasted no time in leveraging its resources, having already produced 10 compelling television advertisements. Six of these ads are now available for viewing on the campaign's official website,

Randall Terry, known for his staunch pro-life advocacy, articulated the campaign's enthusiastically powerful Pro-Life stance: "The Democrats are running ON child killing, the Republicans are running FROM child killing and we are running AT child END child killing!"

Pastor Broden clearly stated, "It is unfortunate that both the democrats and republicans are ignoring science and the 14th amendment. Science affirms that babies are persons, and the 14th Amendment protects persons. Child killing by abortion is murder! How will we escape the judgment of God if we continue to support these child killers?"

For further information or to schedule candidate interviews, please contact Joe Slovenec, Campaign Manager, at 909.273.7004 or

The Terry/Broden campaign is committed to addressing critical issues facing our nation and looks forward to engaging with voters across America in the upcoming election cycle.

About the candidates:
Randall Terry is the Constitution Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2024 election. A passionate advocate for pro-life causes, Terry brings decades of experience and leadership to the national stage, committed to representing the values and principles of the Constitution Party.

Pastor Stephan Broden is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship for over 35 years (a non-denominational inner-city church) in Dallas, Texas. Leader in the Black Pro-life Movement. Founder of the National Black Pro-life Coalition. Has been involved in the political arena for over 35 years including running for US House and Served as Senate Republican Executive Committee from District 23. Broden has decided to remove himself from the Republican Party do to their ineffectual leadership.

SOURCE Randall Terry for President

CONTACT: Joe Slovenec, Campaign Manager, 909-273-7004,

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