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Documentary Film WARX2: Uses God, Bible and Science to Describe Ghostly and Spirits' Attacks

In theaters May 16th, 2014, WARX2 uncovers truths about US military suicides, terrorism and mind control.

Contact: Cassie Banan, 281-773-9293,

HOUSTON, Texas, March 20, 2014 /Standard Newswire/ -- Strasson Group presents WARX2, the documentary film about real life ghostly, spirits attacks and mind control as related to US military suicides and terrorism that will open in theaters in May 2014.

There are shockingly high US military and veteran suicide rates. In 2011 and 2012 there were more suicide deaths among active duty US soldiers than actual total US military combat deaths. The film investigates what might be happening to some of our soldiers. The film is entitled WARX2 because it illustrates the fact that US soldiers might be fighting two wars. One being the physical war, meaning gun war and the other is the spiritual or the unseen battleground such as the war of ghosts and spirits.

This documentary warx2 uses all available resources including God, the holy books like The Bible, different traditions, beliefs, cultures, religions etc., to demonstrate the devil's (evil spirits) existence and how they can cause deadly spirits and ghostly attacks to people ( Bible- The book of Job) . Included are interviews with ghosts' owners, victims and witnesses of these attacks.

Because more westerners lately have been brainwashed and recruited to join terrorist groups possibly by foreign terror organizations, this documentary links these two serious national security problems through research, experiment and interviews, to ghostly and spirits attacks in the form of mind control. WARX2 also explains the 6th sense and about how and when to protect yourself, family and friends against ghostly and spirits' attacks.

This documentary is based on real life non-fictional accounts and practical aspects of this deadly topic and uses God, science and all other available means to explain the mechanisms and existence of these deadly ghostly attacks. Warx2 wants to show ways for people to protect themselves against these attacks. This documentary intends to make people aware about this issue and in the process lives will be saved. 

Viewers of this documentary WARX2 will learn the fact that enemies may use ghosts and spirits to fight and retaliate. Interesting particulars are explored considering ghost fights vs. gun fights.

For trailers, visit; These three videos on YouTube gained popularity with over 3,200,000 combined views. This Facebook page has over 100,000 likes. . Over 200,000 twitter followers.