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Is Abortion Ever the Right Answer?
Tyler Rowley and Abby Johnson team up to edit new book on the dignity of human life

Carmel Communications
April 11, 2023
SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- Today's culture upholds abortion as a virtuous, compassionate option when faced with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy with an imperfect baby, which has contributed to the deaths of millions of unborn babies and unfathomable hurt in women and their families. What if the other side of the story was told — the one where the parents knew their unborn baby would have serious medical issues but chose not to abort or the one where the mother was diagnosed with cancer early in the pregnancy and chose her daughter over drug treatment? These are the profound stories inside LIFE TO THE FULL: TRUE STORIES THAT REVEAL THE DIGNITY OF EVERY HUMAN LIFE (Ignatius Press), edited by Tyler Rowley and Abby Johnson.

LIFE TO THE FULL tells the stories of 23 people who have experienced abortion, doctors who have committed abortions, families who have fought for the lives of their unborn babies after a devastating medical diagnosis during pregnancy, mothers who were trafficked, families who faced infertility and went on to adopt several children out of the foster care system, and miraculous healings.

Tyler Rowley serves as the president of Servants of Christ for Life, which defends unborn children through politics, media and pro-life activism, and he is a leader in young adult ministry for the Diocese of Providence. Abby Johnson is the CEO and founder of And Then There Were None, author of Unplanned, which became a feature film of the same name in 2019, and Fierce Mercy.

"This is the book I want supporters of legal abortion to read," writes editor Abby Johnson. "Page after page will reveal the certainty that it is never okay to kill an innocent human being, and that in order for our nation to know peace, there must be peace in the womb."

LIFE TO THE FULL will inspire those already committed to the cause of life, and lead abortion advocates to second-guess their convictions.

"Words cannot express how much I love this amazingly comforting book! Wherever you are in your life, these breathtakingly beautiful stories will bring joy to your heart, give peace to your mind, and heal your soul," said Sue Ellen Browder, author of Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement.

For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview with Tyler Rowley or Abby Johnson, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or of Carmel Communications.

SOURCE Carmel Communications

CONTACT: Kevin Wandra, 404-788-1276,