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Pastor Greg Locke Exposes the Flat Earth Hoax

December 2nd Public Debate with Flat Earth Proponents Will Settle the Matter

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -- Jesus

Locke Media
Nov. 20, 2023

MOUNT JULIET, Tenn., Nov. 20, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- In 2016, an old but dangerous hoax began sweeping through evangelical Christian churches on the back of QAnon conspiracy theories, and the damage it is causing has reached a tipping point. Having inadvertently given credence to the QAnon movement leading up to the 2020 election, Pastor Greg Locke is now making every effort to expose subterfuge and get the Church refocused on the truth.

After distancing himself from several political circles that align with the movement, he is now taking on the now-viral "flat earth" hoax head-on through a live debate across multiple social platforms with an aggregate reach of 4 million. Locke is deeply alarmed to report that the theory is being propagated by credible church leaders who are using gross misinterpretations of the Bible to convince their followers and have already misled hundreds of thousands in the US alone. The hoax is now dividing families and full churches to devastating degrees and has recently taken its toll at his own Global Vision Bible Church, so he hopes to destroy the centuries-old hoax in a single night.

After Locke used his livestream platform to challenge flat earth proponents to the open debate, Pastor Dean Odle, author of "Like Clay Under the Seal" (Amazon), which is one of many books proliferating the flat earth theory, was the first to accept. Several other flat-earth thought leaders also plan to attend. Ironically, Odle and his colleagues believe the spherical earth concept is the actual hoax being spread to lead people away from the Bible.

To that, Locke says, "Even if we totally ignore the generally accepted laws of physics and the historical record as many in that camp would have us do, simple observation and eyewitness testimonies easily disprove the flat earth hoax. But for the upcoming debate, I plan to let the Word of God speak for itself on this matter. The earth is without question a spherical world, and I can prove that the Bible is clear on that matter." 

    When: December 2 at 6PM
    Where: Global Vision Bible Church
    2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd., Mount Juliet, TN 37122
    10 miles from the Nashville airport

SOURCE Locke Media

CONTACT: Communications Director, 843-324-4240