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USA has Shale Oil Eight Times Saudi Arabia Oil

Contact: Jonathon Moseley, 703-850-3733


MEDIA ADVISORY, June 17 /Standard Newswire/ -- A series of solutions to America's energy crisis to end American dependence on foreign oil has been launched in New Media Journal. "A Real Energy Strategy for America" challenges Washington to stop trading shallow rhetoric and solve America's energy crisis.

In the first installment, author Jon Moseley reveals that the United States has as much as 8 times as much oil in the form of "shale oil" as all of Saudi Arabia's oil. America could end all imports of foreign oil if these shale oil resources were developed.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page then picked up the theme of accessing America's shale oil resources, shortly after publication in the New Media Journal.

America's vast supplies of shale oil has not been tapped because it was too expensive when oil was trading at $19 per barrel. And no one has taken action now that oil has exceeded $137 per barrel out of inertia. Environmentalists oppose all success in the economy and all use of energy. And about 80% of all shale oil is on land owned or controlled by the Federal Government. Therefore, Congressional action is needed to access the 1 to 2 trillion barrels of oil currently residing in the Mid-West.

Shale oil currently supplies about 90% of the electricity and 76% of the total energy for Estonia, in Eastern Europe, on the Baltic Sea. An oil shale demonstration plant in Queensland, Australia produced 700,000 barrels of oil between 2001 and 2003.

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New energy solutions will appear in the New Media Journal every Tuesday throughout the Summer.


Jon Moseley studied physics at Hampshire College and the University of Amherst, with a Finance degree from the University of Florida. Moseley promoted the Strategic Defense Initiative at High Frontier and at the Center for Peace & Freedom at the Heritage Foundation.