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(212) 290-1585 Urges Californians to Override 4 Supreme Court Justices

California Judges, Not Schwarzenegger, are Real Threat to Marriage

Contact:, 916-265-5643

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 17 /Standard Newswire/ --, a coalition of nearly 200 churches and organizations supporting the California Marriage Amendment, is warning voters not to become complacent in light of the news that Governor Schwarzenegger will veto the same-sex “marriage” bill, AB 43. “Despite the Governor’s promised veto, it’s virtually guaranteed that the California Supreme Court will impose same-sex ‘marriages’ upon us next year,” said former Assemblyman Larry Bowler (R-Elk Grove), a proponent of the state constitutional amendment.

“The only way to save marriage for a man and a woman is to qualify and pass the constitutional amendment for the sake of future generations,” said Bowler. “We need to raise the full $2.5 million to qualify for the ballot. Then we can override the judges and politicians and permanently protect marriage for a man and a woman once and for all in the state constitution.” has identified four of the seven state high court justices who will vote to require same-sex “marriage” licenses to be issued in all 58 counties in California:

1. Justice Kathryn Werdegar: Voted in 2004 against nullifying the 4,037 same-sex “marriages” unlawfully conducted by the City of San Francisco.

2. Justice Joyce Kennard: Voted like Werdegar, against nullifying the “gay marriage” licenses. Kennard wrote, “Individuals in loving same-sex relationships have waited years, sometimes several decades, for a chance to wed, yearning to obtain the public validation that only marriage can give.”

3. Justice Carol Corrigan: Nominated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Corrigan was enthusiastically supported by “gay marriage” groups when she was confirmed in early 2006 with the help of an equally enthusiastic Attorney General Bill Lockyer, also an advocate of same-sex “marriages.”

4. Justice Carlos Moreno: Nominated by Gray Davis, Moreno authored the high court’s radical August 2005 decision that forced businesses that are open to the public to treat homosexual “domestic partners” exactly the same as married customers.

The City of San Francisco and other same-sex “marriage” advocates are claiming that California’s definition of marriage as between a man and a woman is somehow unconstitutional. The California Supreme Court ordered all parties to file their opening briefs by March 19, 2007. To protect marriage for a man and a woman, the amendment must qualify for the ballot by the time the court rules.