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Eleutheros Publishing Releases 'A Biblical Case for Women Pastors, Elders, and Deacons'

Eleutheros Publishing
April 7, 2023

Shippensburg, Penn., April 7, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- Based on historical evidence, Seth Knorr gives a compelling case that we are mistranslating Paul's apparent prohibition that women can't speak or teach in the church. Whether you are a scholar or layperson, the argument is presented in a way anyone can comprehend.

The book addresses an overlooked textual variant in two early and reliable Greek manuscripts. The variant reading provides the important context reversing how many understand Paul's apparent prohibition of women teaching in the pastoral epistles. The discovery is authenticated by commentary and two Greek scripture quotations from the early Church fathers.

The book also covers the following:

  • Evidence that Phoebe was a deacon and overseer.
  • Historical evidence of other women apostles, elders, and deacons.
  • Biased lexicons and bible translations. 

Many women are discouraged from fulfilling their God-given calling due to Paul's words being misunderstood and mistranslated. Seth delves into the evidence to show that Paul gives no such prohibition preventing women from being pastors. The historical evidence presents a solid and compelling case for women's ordination.

About Eleutheros Publishing
Eleutheros is a Christian publishing company that puts the focus on you. We seek out and publish authors who can contribute to our goals of providing Christians with deep theological content from a biblical worldview that will help the reader grow spiritually and live a godly, God-centered life. Along with contemporary titles, we focus on editing into modern English and republishing Christian classics.

About the Author
Along with a career in computer programming, Seth Knorr is also an elder, Sunday school teacher, and small group leader in his church. He also served as a youth pastor for ten years and created the biblical search engine, which offers Google-like features. All of which led to a passion for studying the Bible in its original languages along with church history and the early church fathers.

For media inquiries, contact Christy Smith at (301) 857-8364.

SOURCE Eleutheros Publishing

CONTACT: Christy Smith, 301-857-8364