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TV Special on Jesus' Grave -- Another Hoax

Contact: Dane Rose, 202-546-8329 ext 106, 703-447-1072 cell,; Rev. Rob Schenck, 703-447-7686 cell; both with Faith and Action


WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 /Standard Newswire/ -- National Clergy Council president, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) issued this statement following a press conference that announced a new documentary claiming proof against the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:


"Today, Hollywood director James Cameron, whose claim to fame is a fictionalized account of the sinking of the Titanic, unveiled a documentary claiming a coffin found in Jerusalem 27 years ago once contained the remains of Jesus Christ.  Cameron employed archaeologists and DNA experts to bolster his assertion Jesus was buried along with his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and a supposed son, Judah.


"Over the years, Hollywood has attacked and mocked Christianity, providing only negative portrayals of people of faith.  It has produced films that undermine moral culture.  Hollywood's production of 'The Da Vinci Code' sensationalized a conspiracy theory that the Catholic Church engaged in a cover up of the real story of Jesus operating in the manner of a crime syndicate.


"According to Cameron, his film is no mere speculation, but historical fact.  By claiming the remains of Jesus returned to dust along with other members of his family, the Hollywood filmmaker is denying the divinity of the Son of God and his victory over death.  Cameron clearly intended to drive a stake into the heart of Christianity, since without the Resurrection, Jesus was only a mortal man.


"Media outlets should exercise restraint in reporting Cameron's Hollywood fiction masquerading as scientific fact.  All of Jesus' contemporaries recorded Christ rose after being dead for three days and ascended into Heaven.  For 2,000 years people of faith along and countless scholars have pored over the Scriptures, confirming their veracity.  A Hollywood director is the least qualified to render any determination of Biblical truth.  Not only so, but the people Mr. Cameron has partnered with completely lack credibility.  One has been discredited by experts as a charlatan. This is nothing more than a modern day circus sideshow. At best it is pure presumption. At worst, it is pure chicanery."


Rev. Schenck holds degrees in Bible and Theology, Christian Ministry and has completed additional postgraduate work in Christian History.


He is Chairman of the Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance and President of the National Clergy Council in Washington, DC.


Rev. Schenck has traveled numerous times to Israel, meeting with officials in the Israeli Department of Antiquities.  He recently took part in a private meeting with the Israeli Minister of Tourism to discuss matters of concern to church leaders in the United States.


Rev. Schenck is available for further comment at 202- 546-8329, ext. 106.