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Catherine Davis Announces Her Bid for Governor of Georgia

Catherine in the Capitol
Nov. 19, 2021

ATLANTA, Nov. 19, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Catherine Davis today announced that she has entered the 2022 race for Governor. "Georgia is not the same state I was welcomed into when I relocated here in 1995," said Catherine Davis. "Crime is quickly escalating, many local tourist destinations are no longer safe, the cost of living is ballooning and elections are no longer trustworthy. Hardworking Georgians want to raise their families in safe neighborhoods and meaningfully contribute to their communities. They cannot live fruitful lives when they can't walk or jog down their own streets."

"Georgia is facing a crisis of confidence in state government that has been escalating for some time," said Davis. "As I speak with people across the state, I am finding that both the people and what matters to them most are being ignored. Many of those who have been elected are for themselves and what will benefit them personally. The values that Georgians cherish are no longer prominent in their minds, plans or actions. What Georgians care about are issues such as the sanctity of life, election integrity, medical freedom, religious freedom and school choice."

The November 3, 2020 election has been called "safe, secure, honest", but the many anomalies that have been discovered since then suggests the election was anything but safe, secure or honest. In fact, some of the anomalies identified fall into the criminal category, such as ballot harvesting, and violation of state and federal laws. The growing list of allegations include: dead people voted, children under the age of 18 voted, ballots violated the chain of custody protocols, multiple ballots scanned several times and much more. These allegations have yet to be addressed to the satisfaction of Georgia voters. "Without significant changes, Georgians cannot have confidence that our votes will be counted as intended before next year's primary and general election," said Davis.

The pro-life community is seeing a similar lack of action with regard to pro-life laws. As a fully committed pro-life advocate who values the sanctity of life and wants abortion to end, it is unconscionable to think Georgia's pro-life laws are not worth the paper they on which they are written because of a lack of enforcement.  Without significant changes, Georgians cannot have confidence that the sanctity of life is valued in this state.

When the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was vetoed a few years ago, it left Georgians vulnerable to government encroachment on the basic freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution.  Families are being denied medical freedom – the freedom to choose care that is in their best interest while preserving bodily autonomy. Parents are being forced to leave their children in schools that violate parental rights and beliefs, including some children being assaulted.

"Life, Liberty and Leadership--these cherished, yet fading values, are desperately needed in our great state. Many of our politicians have become the enemy of the people, leaving 'we the people' vulnerable to corrupt practices--which seem to be growing. I believe the people of Georgia deserve better and I believe I am the ONE for Georgia," Davis said.

About Catherine Davis
Catherine, a public speaker and civil rights champion, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Tufts University who attended the University of Bridgeport School of Law. Originally from Connecticut, Catherine has called Georgia home for more than 25 years.

SOURCE Catherine in the Capitol

CONTACT: Sheryl Sellaway, 404-273-5133,

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