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A Vision from God on the Collapse of the US from Massive Earthquakes

Lou Galloway
April 5, 2023

HOBART, Australia, April 5, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- A prophecy on the sudden destruction that follows the rapture that will cause the end of the US as a superpower. The coming earthquakes will be nothing like the world has experienced previously. Large cities will vanish into giant sinkholes in the Western nations as judgments from God.

Galloway believes that the eastern and western seaboard states of the United States will collapse by major earthquakes that will shock the world.

The Lord gave Lou Galloway a vision of these events that happen as soon as the rapture occurs that he described in his book: "The World's Final Warning."

Nations will crumble quickly within a day or even an hour. These are judgments from God for the falling away from Godly moral values once the rapture occurs.

Patterns and parallels exist in the Bible that are keys to understanding the end-time prophecies. When Jesus taught about the rapture, He said it would be like the time of Noah and Lot. Both events were followed by sudden destruction once the righteous were removed.

There is an urgency to be ready for the rapture as all the signs exist today. Those that are not ready may perish from the coming destruction, just like in the time of Noah.

This book also describes the following end-time events:

    There is no end-time revival before the rapture. The final revival is the Jewish revival that occurs in the tribulation period. The Bible says there is a falling away from God before the Antichrist is revealed, which exists today.

    The mark of the beast is not a hidden mark. People will be forced to choose between Jesus and Satan. The mark of the beast determines whom you follow, and Satan wants this to be openly displayed. He doesn't want to hide this fact.

    The False Prophet will not unite the world's religions but will start a new demonic religion and image worship.

    There is an unknown period from the rapture to the tribulation period that Jesus referred to as the beginning of sorrows of earthquakes, wars, famines, and pestilences.

    How every eye will see Jesus when He returns to earth.

"The World's Final Warning" by Lou Galloway is available from Amazon at

Lou Galloway lives in Hobart, Australia and has been in ministry for 40 years.

SOURCE Lou Galloway

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