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Humanitarian Supplies Transferred to the Gaza Strip

Contact:, Public Affairs Branch, Israel Defense Forces, Spokesperson, military post 01025,; IDF English site


GAZA, June 20 /Standard Newswire/ -- Despite the volatile security situation in the Gaza Strip and in spite of the constant threat of attacks on the crossings (an example of which was seen yesterday), the IDF has made special efforts to provide a response to humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.


The State of Israel, by means of the Coordination and Communication Headquarters services, transferred humanitarian aid to the citizens of the Gaza Strip yesterday (19/06/07), including medical equipment and basic food items, such as cooking oil, flour, and vegetables. "The crossing was activated today in order to allow the entrance of goods donated for the Gaza Strip by international organizations," said Colonel Nir Peres, the head of the Coordination and Communication Headquarters in Gaza. "The National Health organization, the Red Cross organization, and the National Food organization donated medical equipment and provisions, especially sugar and oil. We are also active in the Erez crossing in order to allow for the transfer of humanitarian aid in urgent situations."


On June 19:


22 containers carrying 200 tons of basic food products and 30 tons of medical supplies were transferred through the Kerem Shalom crossing into the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with the United Nations World Food Program and the International Red Cross.


Five Palestinians seriously injured in the course infighting in the Gaza Strip in recent days (two of whom were wounded in yesterday's terror attack at the crossing) were evacuated through the Erez crossing for medical treatment in Israel, in cooperation with the Red Crescent.


[Note: One Palestinian was killed and at least 10 others were wounded on Monday evening, 18 June, when a gunman attacked a group of Palestinian civilians near the Erez crossing.]


The IDF will continue to assist the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip to the best of its ability, while taking into consideration the security constraints.