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Christians, Conservatives Can Get Major Changes in Nightly Television says iBoycott

Contact: Terrence McCloy, President, iBoycott, 323-819-2121,


LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14 /Standard Newswire/ -- Network television news needs to report on genocide of black Christians in Southern Sudan, according to iBoycott, an online organizing group.


Separately, in cultural identity, iBoycott asserts that Protestant and Catholic characters, including conservatives, must be included on television nightly.


iBoycott's strategy to achieve these two goals is a consumer boycott of a television advertiser. McDonald's is the first target advertiser. The boycott demands that the fast-food corporation withdraw its advertising from its first target television network, NBC Universal, a division of General Electric.


According to iBoycott, NBC News' coverage of genocide of a boycott-cited 2.85 million black Christians in Southern Sudan has been non-existent. The boycott demands make-good coverage, weekly for a year.


iBoycott notes that unhappy consumers in America demand refunds. Boycott supporters demand that NBC and four other media corporations – having failed to cover genocide of black Christians – each set aside multibillion dollar apology-remorse funds. The funds are to pay worthwhile refunds to Americans who obtain count-me-in emails from friends. The refund money is to be paid directly to individual boycott supporters at boycott-settlement.


iBoycott requires a televised boycott-settlement, with one-hundred advertiser chief executives and members of Congress as witnesses, signing on prime-time. The boycott is based on a document titled "Wall Street" at blog


The boycott demands that 50,000 black churches be awarded one-hundred-thousand dollars each in apology-remorse funds, a total of five billion dollars.


The boycott asserts that U.S. Protestants and Catholics spend actual trillions of dollars every year to buy products advertised on television, yet are excluded from portrayals – except for ridicule – on television series and movies for which they pay most of the costs.


According to iBoycott, this exclusion is cultural apartheid and segregation. Christians are denied their cultural identities on television. iBoycott requires the launch of Protestant and Catholic characters.


The boycott demands that in television series and movies, many characters be Protestant denomination, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, and black-church, as well as Jewish. They must be autonomous, varied, often good looking, exciting, strong, and often conservatives, like the real world. Protestant and Catholic characters need sometimes to be brilliant and heroic. The boycott will not accept condescending portrayals.


iBoycott suggests that bringing Protestant and Catholic characters to nightly television will be a historic liberation, and Christians will be major players in the culture, not mere onlookers.


"Christianity is not mere lyric poetry. It includes a boots-on-the-ground civilization of strong men and women. This is a once-in-a-century, transformational, world-stunning boycott. It hugely empowers every Protestant and Catholic family. The boycott is bigger for America than the November election," said iBoycott president Terrence McCloy.


The boycott suggests that boycotting to end network news silence about genocide of black Christians in Sudan – and to include Protestant, Catholic and conservative characters nightly – means that the huge population of Christian peoples is re-entering the world stage.