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LEARN & CBR to Hold NAACP Protest in Philadelphia
Contact: Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr., 201-704-9325

PHILADELPHIA, July 9, 2015 /Standard Newswire/ -- The Life Education And Resource Network along with Center For Bio Ethical Reform of Maryland will hold 3 days of protest at the NAACP Convention July 13-15 of 2015.

The "All Black Lives Matter" project will be displayed outside the Convention Center 1101 Arch Street in Philadelphia PA. The project will carry 8 signs bringing attention to the gross negligence of the NAACP in censoring abortion statistics and health complications caused by abortion. African American women are disproportionately affected by abortion.

Michael Novak points out in National Review ("Notre Dame Disgrace," April 9, 2009) that "… Black women make up 11% of the national female population but have more than 36% of all abortions …" He adds that "… Of the 47 million children aborted since 1973, some 16 million have been black. If those children had been allowed to live, the black population … [in 2009 would have been] about 50% larger than it … [was] – about 49 million instead of 33 million." At that rate, by 2014, 18 million black babies had been killed. Planned Parenthood "abortion care" has suppressed the black vote more effectively than poll taxes, literacy tests, voter I.D. requirements and Ku Klux Klan lynchings combined.

Leading this event is Rev Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr. of and National Assistant to the Director of LEARN states, We were here in 2004 when the NAACP declared themselves to be pro-choice which they later recanted. They claim to have no position but the agenda is clearly pro-abortion and that at the expense and well being of women they claim to represent. NAACP needs to allow the medical profession to come in and give the facts about abortion since African Americans are targeted by the abortion industry.

The first of the 5 disturbing signs comprising the new exhibit is themed, "All Black Lives Matter." The second is "Don't Shoot;" the third is "I Can't Breathe;" and the fourth is "Abortion Suppresses the Black Vote," The 5th is a Confederate Flag stating "Evil done to Us" next to a picture of a aborted fetus stating "Evil done by Us."
A young black man who raises his hands, shouting "Don't shoot!" has a right to be apprehended unharmed. A young black man restrained in a police choke-hold should never die of asphyxiation after declaring, "I can't breathe."

Greg Cunningham National Director of CBR states, "The evidence is often in dispute, but where proven beyond a reasonable doubt, police brutality is an intolerable outrage — especially if racially motivated. But where is the African-American community's outrage over the hundreds of thousands of preborn black children butchered this year by the brutality of abortion?!"

Rev Childress commented, "The NAACP is so intellectually dishonest concerning black genocide that its board refuses to permit any debate on any proposed resolution related to abortion and won't even allow the public reading of such proposals. We have had chapters from Dayton Ohio, Macon Georgia and others submit resolutions only to be censored, They won't let us in so we are committed to stay outside."

Rev. Clenard Childress, 201-704-9325
Gregg Cunningham, 949-206-0600