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Does God Favor a Particular Political Party or a Religion?

Contact: Keith McCahey, 210-379-5982,


HOUSTON, Texas, Sept. 1 /Standard Newswire / -- There has been a significant amount of media attention lately about the Democratic Party wanting to win over the Religious Vote. Does God favor a political party? According to the scriptures, God favors individuals who put their faith in Jesus Christ, and follow his teachings. The Democratic Party is obviously trying to use God to attract votes, and hopes that we all forget their previous agenda of anti-Christian social change. Organized religion and some denominations are doing exactly the same thing. Instead of trying to get your vote, they are trying to get your money and allegiance to their particular belief structure, and hope that you overlook certain aspects of God’s Word.


Author Jack Heckathorne has studied churches and the Bible for over 40 years. He has taken all of these observations and summarized them in his new book, “Separation of Church and God – The Final Judgment”. His Chapter on “Religion vs. Christianity” addresses many of the reasons why the Church is failing in its mission.


“The common belief is that Christianity is a religion, but because of it’s anti Jesus Christ nature, and its works based belief system, religion is the opposite of Christianity. Religion is a system devised by man, and attempts to gain the favor of God by doing good works, rituals or deeds, keeping the Ten Commandants (the Law of Moses) or adhering to the writings of some supposed “Holy man” or false prophet. Christianity, on the other hand, is the only belief system that has a savior. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ did all of the work on the cross and man’s acceptance and faith in him is salvation.


To the religious person everything is physical. Their idea of “being good enough” to receive a “passing grade” from God would allow sin into heaven.


Even many Christian denominations, have turned into what amounts to false religions. That is, they have turned away from Jesus Christ as their main focus and become obsessed with other things such as works, collecting money or performing rituals in the name of Jesus, but do not worship him exclusively.”


The failings of the church will ultimately cause the failings of the family, politics, and eventually this country.


“There is a way (religion) which seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12)