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Valentine's Day and the Collapse of Marriage

Research proves marriage is still the best means of happiness, financial stability, and raising children.

Contact: Sheila Weber, 646-322-6853, 

NEW YORK, Feb. 12 /Standard Newswire/ -- As seen on today's FOX News "Strategy Room," National Marriage Week USA--February 7 to 14--is a new campaign ( to raise the nation's alarm about the huge drop in marriage rates and vast numbers of children being raised without both of their parents, and to alert the nation about the looming relevance of marriage breakdown to our economic well being. (Watch FOX "Strategy Room" at

The first-ever Marriage Index, recently released jointly by the National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting (NCAAMP) and the Institute for American Values in October 2009, reveals a huge decline in national marriage indicators. One indicator shows 79 percent of adults were married in 1970, while only 57 percent of adults were married in 2008. Another indicator shows 40 percent of all children in America are now born out of wedlock; and 72 percent of African American children are now born without married parents.

"Just like the collapse of structures in Haiti and the near collapse of our economic system, the collapse of marriage will be ruinous to our nation," said Chuck Stetson, chairman of Let's Strengthen Marriage Campaign ( which sponsors National Marriage Week USA. "The alarming drop in marriage rates in America combined with high divorce rates are financially costly to taxpayers and individuals, and emotionally costly to children. Marriage breakdown costs taxpayers at minimum $112 billion a year. The nation needs to pay attention."

"Research shows that marriage makes people happier, live longer, and build more financial security. Children who live with their married parents do vastly better by almost every measurement," says Let's Strengthen Marriage executive director Sheila Weber. "There are proven ways to repair and restore marriages--but most folks don't know where to get the help they need."

A great Valentine's Day project, says Weber, is to find resources to help your own marriage, find marriage conferences in your area, learn how to help others in your community, watch a one-hour webinar, and get lots of practical ideas at

National Marriage Week, which culminates on Valentine's Day, has long been an organized celebration around the world ( This goal of this new U.S. initiative, Let's Strengthen Marriage, is to elevate national attention on a year-round basis about the need to strengthen marriage and ways to do it, and initiate new efforts to reduce the divorce rate and build a stronger marriage culture which in turn helps curtail poverty and benefits children. (