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EPA -- Meeting with the Enemy

Contact:  Pam Duffy, 714-847-8835,

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 27, 2012 /Standard Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Warren Duffy:

"Christian pro-lifers who have signed onto the Evangelical Environmental Networks' (EEN) pro global warming campaign are sadly being misled by some naïve -- or perhaps misinformed leaders," said Warren Duffy, environmental truth activist and long time Christian L.A. talk radio host.

According to the group's president, Mitch Hescox, EEN has produced a TV spot which will air in eight selected markets encouraging the government to enter into a "Cap and Trade" program that was rejected by both Presidents H.W. Bush, Clinton and the U.S. Senate.

"Apparently Rev. Hescox is not aware of the fundamental facts of the climate debate," Duffy said in response to the June 21, 2012 EEN announcement. "Hescox says his group supports federal 'legislation that puts a price on carbon' which is a 'Cap and Trade' program," Duffy explained, "and will increase goods and services for everyone, especially hurting those on fixed incomes.  This by no means helps the poor, it hurts them," Duffy added.

When Duffy and his wife, Pam, attended an environmental briefing six years ago, they first learned that far from representing a pro-life viewpoint, most adherents to the globalist environmental agenda believe population control is a mainstay of their argument.  "China's one child policy, complete with forced abortions, is always included in the global environmental discussions, as was done yet again during the recent Rio+20 Earth Summit (," Duffy said.

"In 2006, when so many people bought into Al Gore's gibberish about Global Warming, many well meaning Christians signed onto the EEN petition, the 'Evangelical Climate Initiative'.  That was before we all learned that the globe is not warming, Duffy continued.  "When Global Warming fell apart, the environmental crisis morphed into 'Climate Change,'" Duffy explained.  "Ironically, this idea claims the earth's climate is being impacted by Greenhouse Gases (GHG), one of which is carbon dioxide- yes, the air we breathe," Duffy said.

Duffy explained that since the EEN petition, Cornwall Alliance assisted in sponsoring the "Oregon Petition" that states, "There is no credible evidence of any connection between man made air pollution and global warming."  This petition acquired the signatures of 31,487 scientists, ministry leaders, etc. with 9,029 of them having PhD's.  In the Spring of 2011, NASA scientists, including 7 former astronauts, wrote an open letter published in the "New York Times" asking their director not to drag the good name and reputation of the organization into disrepute by using the same alarmist rhetoric included in the wording of the latest TV spot from EEN.

"Meeting with EPA's Lisa Jackson to proclaim standing 'side by side' is a huge mistake," Duffy continued. "She (Jackson) is implementing federal regulations for our nation's businesses and consumers that Congress would never pass, not in a million years," Duffy stated.  "Since President Obama has been in office, Jackson has instituted rules cramping businesses across the nation, increasing utility costs for everyone, while generally hampering our country's already feeble economic recovery," said Duffy.   He continued, "She (Jackson) is no friend of common sense environmentalism, the concept of everyone being more sensitive to ones use of the earth's resources."

"We do not need big government, huge bureaucracies and Washington elites instituting laws that the legislative process should normally debate and vote on.  Doing an end run around the Congress and United States Constitution, no matter how noble the cause, is never a good idea in our Republic," Duffy reflected.

"In Rev Hescox's statement about the TV spot and meeting with Jackson, is the mention that the new ad campaign includes a narrator's lecture that we must all 'care for the least of these.'  However, nowhere in Scripture did our Lord say government programs are the answer to poverty.  In addition, throughout scripture's description of end-time events, not once does the Bible claim if we change out our light bulbs, drive an electric car or put solar panels on our roof, His return for His church will be delayed one nan-o-second," Duffy passionately expressed.

Duffy concluded, "Either God is in control of His universe, the one He created our universe He continues operating in a truly incomprehensible way -- regardless of man's conduct -- or He is not.  Of course we are to be good stewards of our Master's property -- He still owns it. That is truly the essence of the Christian environmental debate, not the topics covered in the EEN ad or Rev. Jim Ball's book 'Global Warming and the Risen LORD.'"

Warren and Pam Duffy live in California, a state on schedule to implement a "Cap and Trade," carbon trading program later this year.  The program will cost the state's businesses and utilities billions of dollars, with costs being passed on to their customers.  Regulations will add to the state's unemployment rolls with some estimating one-million in job loss because of the "price on carbon."  Due to over regulations, companies are not just leaving the state, but new businesses are discouraged from coming to California, further retarding the state's economy.  California currently has more citizens receiving food stamps than any other state in the nation and a $26 Billion dollar debt.  For more information on the California Cap and Trade program visit and